Fingerprints Project ( since 2008)

Fingerprints aims to increase the students' awareness and the importance of the young citizen’s participation in public life. Active young citizens are key agents of change that promote sustainable human development through encouraging the dialogue among youth via peer-to-peer sensibilization on vital issues.

Fingerprints creates a virtual discussion arena, whereby young activists will develop and maintain new media platforms designed to highlight community challenges, draw on different point of views and help propose solutions. Young journalists now have the chance to leave their fingerprints and help kick-off a new trend of change.

Fingerprints creates a new interactive independent media platform to communicate, read and write about all what schools’ and university’s students consider important to exchange knowledge and increase their skills in favor of freedom of expression.

Fingerprints creates Press Clubs inside schools and universities, teaches students the basics of journalism in 25 sessions all through the academic year to produce a school magazine or a Newsletter.