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“One Voice Can Change” project, funded through a grant from Middle East partnership Initiative (MEPI), aims to invest in the youths creativity and encourage them to use the power of media and new technologies to influence their peers and make valuable votes which count.

The project is emphasizing the role of youths in advocating for positive change and lobbying for a just cause. They will contribute by increasing the public awareness and empowering youth voters to become aware of their choice and believe in the power of people in making a change and use the democratic process to participate in the coming elections.


• Training youth on public service announcement (PSA) production, public speaking, conflict resolution, facilitators’ skills and leadership to improve their skills and influence their local communities.
• Increasing the awareness of Lebanese communities, especially youth who will be voting for the first time, throughout the different districts in Lebanon, particularly in universities before the coming elections in 2013.
• Building coalitions and partnering with media to contribute to the process of political reform and defending the public interest.


1- A one week training on PSA production, methodology of delivering the message through PSAs, leadership, public speaking, conflict resolution, and skills for facilitators. Participants will receive flip cameras to shoot their movies.
2- A mentorship program for participants in different media platforms specialized in TV production.
3- A contest among youths to produce a 1-2 minutes PSA to raise the awareness of the Lebanese public especially youth voting for the first time in Lebanon on the power of peoples’ votes, election’s integrity, democratic elections process and accountability.
4- A committee of media experts will evaluate the PSAs and select 10 to be screened as part of the national awareness and media campaign before the elections.
5- The PSAs will be filmed and screened in universities and on TV stations to raise the awareness on elections› integrity and the power of each vote to make a change.
6- The youths, producers of the 10 winning PSAs, will act as facilitators in at least 10 Lebanese Universities, where they will show the winning PSAs to students and discuss the right of accountability, anti-corruption and democratic elections process.