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 Tripoli Foundation operational councils and groups. Their Mission is to protect and promote:
- Tripoli cultural heritage
- Tripoli cultural life
By creating events, libraries, museums & publications.


 The “Blue Mission” is an impartial Lebanese organization, registered with the Lebanese Ministry of the Interior (Registration No. 1044). 
Their Mission
Blue Mission Organization aims to build a society that supports young people, parents, educators, and caretakers to develop the capacities required to deal with life's challenges. Blue Mission Organization stimulates participants to take on active social and civic roles, engage in decision-making processes, and develop sustainable partnerships within their communities. This is achieved through programs that promote human rights and human security, which focuses on gender and social peace and opposes all forms of violence and discrimination.

   Zouk Mikael

 Team in Motion provides indoor, outdoor and adventure team building activities; boosting staff morale, improving group dynamics, and promoting that every person is unique and adds a value to the organization.
Such activities are designed to influence productivity, work culture, problem solving, decision making, creativity, teamwork, team bonding, communication and leadership skills, team performance, time management and much more.