“Women Advocates for Women’s Votes” (WAW Votes), funded through a grant from U.S. Embassy Beirut, aims to raise public awareness on women’s right of representation and to expand women’s political participation to build a better democracy in Lebanon through training campaign managers and implementing public debates in three governorates: North, Mount Lebanon and South.

The objective is to empower campaign managers with necessary training skills and capacities for nine months to support women candidates before the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2013.


1. Empower campaign managers with necessary skills and capacities to support women candidates before the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2013.
2.  Introduce women socio-political activists to the important role of qualified campaign managers for the success of their campaign.
3. Improve the participation of women in the political process as voters, political activists and candidates.


1. Train 40 prospective campaign managers on necessary skills and tools needed to advocate and support women candidates.
2. Launch a field study about campaign managers in Lebanon.
3. Conduct a Seminar addressing the role of campaign managers in the success of women candidates in Lebanon and any civil society campaign working on gender equality.
4. Host three public debates organized by the trainees about role of women in politics and decision making positions. The debates encourage women to be more involved in the political life as voters, political activists or candidates.
5. Conduct graduation day providing certificates to qualified campaign managers.